Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dark Times.

I just can't seem to catch a break at the moment in terms of light quality for digiscoping. Since the purchase of a digiscoping adapter to attach my iPhone 4S to my scope, we seem to have not seen sunlight. Ok, I will rephrase that, we have seen some reasonably decent light conditions when I am at work.

Broke up for Christmas at lunchtime on Wed 19th. I had taken my scope to work with me with the intention of heading straight to a local nature reserve from work. This, was the start of a real grey period! It rained, light was poor, everything looked drab and grey. I took it on the chin, and went to the nature reserve anyway. I set up stall out of the rain in a hide with a feeding station and had a go with the iPhone and adapter. Results to be honest are not great, but better than I expected considering the appalling light conditions, rain, and resulting slow shutter speeds and high ISO.

45 Yards

The above pictures were edited using the ipad.

These two pictures, which I rather like, were edited on the phone itself.

Roll on some decent light conditions so I can see what this phonescoping is really capable of.


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