Sunday, 16 December 2012

More iscoping

Out for a walk this morning with John around Dosthill nature reserve. Nice bright morning. We both had our scopes with us In the hope a Bittern reported the previous day may put in an appearance. It didn't! As John has just taken possession of a new smartphone with excellent camera (Samsung S3), we were soon experimenting hand holding our phones against our scope eyepieces to see what they could do.

I was again surprised that at range, I could take a clearer sharper picture through my scope hand holding my phone than I could with my Lumix F10 camera on its digiscoping bracket?

These geese were taken at a range of about 90 yards.

Not bad hand held and manually operating shutter release.

This has again motivated me to persevere with this form of digiscoping. After all the phone is always with me. I have also discovered that the full 1080p HD video though is excellent through the scope too.

I have discovered that if I use my iPhone digiscoping bracket as mentioned in my previous blogs, I can remotely release the shutter using my earphones by pressing the volume up button on them. Thus, fully eliminating camera/scope shake during shutter release.

I intend giving this a real testing next week when I break up for my Xmas holiday and have some daylight time to see what kind of results I can produce.

As a finish to this posting, here is a still picture captured from the HD Video I took of these geese today. Still 90 yards. This picture is straight from the phone and untouched except for cropping.



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