Monday, 14 January 2013

Beneath the surface

Although this blog is predominantly for my birding forays, it is also about the other wildlife I encounter along the way. Locally we are blessed with the amount of water we have in Tamworth, providing excellent habitat for our local wildlife.

Now, everyone is pleased to see a Fox out on its hunt, or to get a rare glimpse of a Badger shuffling about its business. Squirrels delight you with their antics, and occasionally a Muntjac deer crosses our paths. All these events add to the enjoyment of a walk in our local countryside.

What many people seem to forget though, is the rich variety of wildlife living below the surface of the water that we walk alongside and take for granted. Many would be surprised to see examples of what thrives in the depths of our two local rivers.

Well, here is a little taster. Both these anglers are close personal friends of mine, and both phoned me to photograph these significant captures. Both these fish are the largest for the species ever caught from the River Anker and the River Tame.

River Tame Barbel Record. 14lb 8oz.


River Anker Barbel Record. 15lb 14oz

Amazing to think that magnificent creatures like this inhabit our local rivers and most of us don't know they exist. Suppose it's out of sight out of mind.


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