Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Testing, Testing!

At last some bright conditions that coincide with me having some free time. I took advantage of the situation and decided to run a few tests with the iPhone and scope. And also to compare the results to pictures taken through my Canon SX40. The results surprised me.

All pictures are cropped only, apart from that, they are as the camera used took them.

A lot of pictures were taken. These are the best ones.

This was taken at about 30 yards, using the SRB Griturn adapter to hold the iPhone in place.


Same bird, same distance, phone hand held against eyepiece.

The first thing I noticed is that the colours are so much more vibrant hand holding the phone. I estimate that the adapter holds the phone about half an inch from the eyepiece, and the eyepiece adjustable eyecup has to be fully wound down to minimise vignetting.

Handheld is the opposite. The adjustable eyecup has to be fully extended to minimise vignetting. The phone is simply held against the rubber eyecup. Lining up is a little tricky at first, but youngest better with practice.

It is my opinion that the better pictures I took today with the phone were all with the phone handheld.

That particular Gull decided it had had enough and left me to pick a new model.

This one was about 40 yards away. Same bird, same distance, different cameras. To compare quality of pictures. Again, pictures cropped only.

iPhone handheld.

Canon SX40 full optical zoom with 1.5x tele-convertor enabled.

The Canon SX40 had slightly more reach with the 1.5X tele-Convertor. It was easier to get on the subject with, and the picture is sharper.

What have I learnt? Still not sure. So many variables to consider in different situations. Bottom line is smartphones can capture a very acceptable picture through the scope. So, if its in your pocket and your scope is focused on a stationary target, take some pictures. I do believe hand holding is the way to go.

For more mobile subjects, the dedicated camera is a better option. I suppose though as photographers say, "the best camera is the one you have with you."


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