Monday, 18 November 2013

At home and further afield

Pete and I are getting ready for winter by setting up our feeding station on the Moors. We like to get it sorted before the weather turns too ugly allowing the birds to find it early on. Pete has made a superb Niger seed feeder from a shampoo bottle. The Goldfinch are loving it.

Pete and Taz by the feeding Station


Pete's DiY Niger feeder. It's been updated since this was taken.


They soon turn up for a feed.



Locally, I also managed a Common Gull on one of the lakes I keep an eye on.


Then, Lady Luck smiled on me. A Glossy Ibis was being reported everyday in Lowdham, Nottinghamshire.

Feeding in a roadside field and turning up most mornings. The first week of reports, I couldn't make it!!! The weekend came, and I still couldn't get over to see this bird. A life tick for me!

Week two. I winced everyday at work when it was reported again and again. I hoped it would keep showing until the following weekend. It was, as I hoped reported again on the Friday, and Saturday morning found me Nottinghamshire bound before first light. It was absolutely worth it. A new life tick achieved. The light was poor, the Glossy Ibis distant, but I spent an interesting couple of hours observing it. I took the best pictures conditions would allow, not great, but a nice record of my first Glossy Ibis.

Awesome Tick
Glossy Ibis Video.


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