Sunday, 25 May 2014

Positive Feedback.

It's very nice to get feedback on my blog and my photograph attempts. As I have said many times, I'm no photographer and don't claim to be. I am a birder/naturalist that enjoys trying to take a few acceptable snaps along the way.

I must admit though, it's very nice when people give me such positive feedback about my blog and my pictures. I have received a few emails and messages recently enquiring about my Digiscoping technique. I have also had some very encouraging feedback verbally from people I have met while birding that know me and read the blog. Thanks folks, it's appreciated!

Weather conditions combined with work commitments have prevented me doing much birding in the last week. But I have taken one picture I am pleased with. I'm not sure which version I prefer? The original, or my photoshoppd version?

Incidentally, i also edit all my pictures on an ipad, a few people have asked. I use a few editing apps, my favourite being Photoshop Touch and iphoto.

Here are both versions of the aforementioned picture. This was taken with my Canon SX40 Brigde Camera. Incidentally, I'm hoping Canon will soon announce the release date of the much anticipated SX60 HS. I find these bridge cameras to be so versatile when out wandering about. They really are the ideal camera for nature enthusiasts.

Little Owl



Photoshopped Version.
Little Owl.



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