Friday, 30 November 2012

Iscoping, initial,thoughts.

I purchased the digiscoping adapter I mentioned previously in my blog from SBR-Griturn.

I have not really had any decent weather or light conditions since taking possession of the adapter. My initial thoughts are that there are still a few areas that can move and it may be tricky to initially line up correctly.

I also don't like the iPhone case supplied which must be used to fit the adapter to. The case is a pretty cheap looking thing.

From research I have done, it seems no company makes an adapter that allows you to use an iPhone in the phone case of your choice. There are a few Iphone digiscope adapters out there, and if you have to take the phone out of your chosen case to use it, and you don't mind that, the Meopta Meopix seems the best. No moving parts to cause any issue, perfect lens alignment every time. This adapter is only made for the Meopta range of scopes though. However, they make two adapter ring sizes. So measuring the eyepiece you wish to digiscope with may find you dropping lucky. However, I'm sure that if the eyepiece you wish to use has an outside diameter of less than 49mm (the internal diameter of the largest available adapter) it wouldn't take much to build the inside of the adapter up with tape of some sort. They are a bit on the expensive side though at £50.00.

Now, with the advent of the iPhone 5, will there be any new adapters released? None of the existing adapters will accommodate one. However, with a bit of selective iPhone 5 case hunting, the SBR-Griturn adapter may be able to do the job?

Anyway, poor light and a bit misty, tried the SBR-Griturn adapter in the back yard through my Opticron HR66 ED. Here are some of the results.

About 15 yards out.

About 12 yards away
These are pretty good considering the very poor light conditions today. These are straight out of the phone apart from cropping.

Obviously in backyard I am restricted with the distances I can attempt to photograph birds at.

Here are the furthest distances I tried today. About 20 yards.

You can see how dull the sky is.

Then tried a little bit of zoom on the phone.

The SBR-Griturn adapter actually worked very well once set up. It was a little fiddly to get aligned but the end result is acceptable.

I still think this is worth pursuing.


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