Friday, 4 January 2013

Shrike, while the iron is hot!

Still running around trying to find all the rarer ticks in our locality while they are with us.

The Upper Longdon Shrike was next on my list, and I set out early for Cannock Chase to try and get it. This was an easy tick. This was the first time i had used the free "Outside" ordinance survey app for iPhone. Once I arrived at Upper Longdon, I entered coordinates provided by a previous report of the bird into the app, and it guided me exactly to the last spot the Shrike had been seen. I then found myself a good high viewpoint and waited for it to get light and hopefully, the Shrike to show. As light intensity slowly improved, two Ravens flew overhead. Bonus year tick.

Forty minutes later, a scan with the binoculars picked up what I was looking for. About 120 yards out, on the highest twigs of the tallest tree in the clearing was the Shrike. Light was still poor, but I went for a record shot through the scope with the iPhone.

Great Grey Shrike.

A bit grainy when enlarged, but not bad at all.

It soon moved to what I presume is a favoured viewing post, I managed to get a little closer and get a few shots with the camera. Light still poor.

Very pleased, as I didn't manage a Shrike tick last year.

From here, I set off in search of a reported Firecrest at Hams Hall.

Quite a few birders at Hams Hall on my arrival. Firecrest had been sighted twenty minutes before my arrival. It didn't show again while I was there. Inevitably, it was reported just before dark.


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