Saturday, 10 November 2012

Birding Saturday

I had a good day. It's started off looking like a failure, but picked up,in the end. I decided after researching where Waxings have been cropping up, that the Town of Belper in Derbyshire was the place to go. It seems that the Rowan trees in front of the Co-Op and Iceland have seen Waxwing action over the last couple of days. My idea was, that if I arrived before first light, maybe a Waxwing or two would put in a breakfast feeding appearance before the Saturday morning shoppers took the Town centre over. At first light, I kept switching between the two venues, but not a Waxwing to be seen! To be honest, most of the red berries had already been eaten, and the ones that did remain were being seen off by a couple of Jackdaws.

Both of these, "hotspots" held no joy.

I even checked out St Peter's Churchyard and a little further afield in the country park. It was a big NO SHOW! At just before 9am, I called off the search. Belper Town was getting busy and news had reached me of a Great White Egret at Willington Gravel Pit, only a 20 min drive away.


Arrived at Willington Gravel Pit at 9.30 ish. The reported Great White Egret had not been seen since 8.00am. I met up,with some of the local birders and we had a good chat and a bit of banter. At just gone 11.00, I received news of an influx of Waxwings about a 15 min drive away. I decided it was worth a go. I headed back to car where a few more birders were arriving in hope of the Great White Egret and set off in pursuit of Waxwings yet again!

Great White Egret hopefuls!


I arrived at Allestree, and started driving round looking for signs of Waxwings. At first I thought I had left it too late and missed them. Then, as I glanced down the next road I saw birders all over the place. Scopes, cameras, binoculars and cars parked anywhere they could be quickly abandoned. I hastily ditched my own car and joined the still growing group of birders. The local residents looked out of their windows bemused, wondering what the hell was going on. This area has an abundance of mature Mountain Ash trees, a Waxwing drive through restaurant.

More birds arrived and before long, at least 50 waxwings were putting on a great show.

A great day!

Returned to Willington Gravel Pit in search of Great White Egret. Arrived about 1.00pm. Stayed until just gone 2.00pm. I decided it wasn't going to put a second apperance in today, and headed for home.

There will be other Great White Egret days!


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