Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Struggling for a local Tick

With Spring Migration over and Nesting in full swing, getting a new local tick is proving difficult. I still haven't heard a Grasshopper Warbler this year yet. Now they will be nesting so no reeling calls for a while anyway.

I did manage a bonus Hobby the other day. I was stood looking across a lake at the Water Park, when it almost flew into me in its pursuit of a Swallow. I felt the air pushing from its wings it was that close. Nice tick. Watched it continue to pursue the Swallow across the water until it was out of view. A very exciting chase.

Been snapping some the wildlife on my travels.

Common Tern


Great Crested Grebe

Taz Posing
And Swimming

Banded Demoiselle

There have been a few reports of Garganey, but usually when I am at work. They seem to become ultra elusive at evenings and weekends. Will keep looking.

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