Wednesday, 26 June 2013

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

It's been quiet for a while now. There is still plenty to see and a lot of interesting things going on in the locality nature/ bird wise, just no new ticks.

I set out on Sunday looking for a Corn Bunting. Whitemoor Haye has produced the goods in previous years. No luck this time though. What did catch my eye was the fact some idiot had fly tipped a load of old tyres at the edge of the road.

It was still an enjoyable walk in excellent surroundings. Why people have no respect for these green areas is beyond me.

With no luck at Whitemoor, I set off back towards home and a more local patch. The far end of Amington Moors and the lake by the Pretty Pigs Pub.

Taz likes looking for Squirrels in this area and it's usually good for tit flocks.

I managed a couple of decent Long Tailed Tit pictures considering the poor light values and light rain.

So there is the sublime.

Now, the ridiculous. On my way to work on Wednesday morning, I stopped off to drink my McDonalds Coffee at the side of Bodymoor Lake. Had woken up with a headache and was hoping some fresh air might help get rid of it.

I scanned the lake and was looking through the large number of Canadian geese and Greylags, when an odd looking goose caught my eye amongst them.

A Bar Headed Goose!


Not sure where this escapee originated from? But it looked very settled amongst the geese on the lake. An interesting find.


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