Thursday, 30 October 2014

North Norfolk

Making the most of a few days off work I headed to North Norfolk. The area had migrants being reported by the hour a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't quite as hectic during my short visit. I should of known some good luck was heading my way though when this little chap turned up and introduced himself as I got out of the car at Titchwell.

After a wander around Tichwell, I headed toward Holkham Pines and joined a few birders looking out for a reported Rough Legged Buzzard.

There were two Common Buzzards and three Red Kite in the area that provided entertainment for the gathered birders, but eventually the Rough Legged put in an appearance. My first of the species for me, so I was very pleased.

I was thinking of carrying on to Holkem Gap for the reported Surf Scoter but was told it was very distant and views also hindered by a choppy sea. I decided to give it a miss as other regulars informed me it was a quite a walk and unlikely to provide satisfactory views.

I spent until the light faded in and around Tichwell, being treated to a massive Starling Roost as they entered the Reedbeds for the night. Three Marsh Harriers also put on a great display just above the reeds. The sound of the Pink Foots coming in to roost was amazing, they were also joined by large numbers of Brent Geese.

Without actually intending to, I spent most of the day taking pictures with my phone rather than my camera. I decided to carry on with this and see what I could record in the overcast light through the scope.

I waited until the light had gone before heading off to find food and locate my B&B for the night. Already looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.

After food, sleep, and a slap up Full English I was back at Tichwell early. Lady luck was smiling on me and I soon had a Yellow Browed Warbler under my belt. Right by the visitors centre too. I had a coffee and decided to go for the Surf Scoter as it was reported again at Holkem Gap. It was a decent walk, but the sea was less choppy today. I got the Surf Scoter, it was with some Velvet and Common Scoter and the views though distant, were pretty good. There were also a couple of Red Throated Diver in the area.

I ended up back at Tichwell with an hour of light left, as I wanted to see the Starlings going to roost again. The Marsh Harriers also put on another good show. The Pink Foots were just noisily arriving again as I walked back to the car to start the homeward journey.


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