Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A few thoughts

It's been a while since I have written anything in the blog. Work has been a bit hectic and with darkness creeping ever closer towards 4pm each day, the light has gone by the time I get home, so photography has suffered.

I have been concentrating my spare time into Badger watching for a few weeks now and have had some really good views of them emerging, foraging and even getting playful with each other. This has given me something to concentrate on as the nights close in. It's not all been about the Badgers though, and by the sounds of things while waiting quietly in the darkness for them to emerge the Tawny population seems quite healthy this year.

Badger Sett


I have also been exploring some areas in my locality that I have up until now neglected. This is an intersting walk, and the old brick barn will be checked out again next summer. I'm hoping to get some good Swallow nesting pictures. We will see if the Swallows think it's as desirable for their needs as I think it is.

Now for a bit of a rant. I struggle to understand how dog owners can often have less brain power than their dogs! What is the point of picking up your dogs mess in a polythene bag, to then throw it in the hedge bottom or decorate a gate or fence with it? It's the work of total morons! In my opinion, this practice is worse than just leaving your dogs crap where it deposited it. At least it will relatively quickly wash away after regular rain. To wrap it in non biodegradable polythene then discard it, identifies you as an imbecile! If you can't be bothered to do the responsible thing and take it home, kick it into the hedge bottom out of the way, don't preserve it in plastic and decorate a fence with it! I'm a dog owner that almost constantly has my dog with me, I don't discard crap in polythene bags.

The contents of these bags is I believe, similar to what the people that hung them there have between their ears.


I have a bit of free time this week and intend doing some phonescoping. I will report back on how it goes.

This mornings effort.


All pictures on this page were taken with my phone, it's an ideal camera and I like experimenting with it. A lot of Fungi have suddenly appeared In the fields and I tried to take a few pictures.


Finally, the signs that winter is approaching are very subtle so far this year. It's nearly November and I was walking around the fields in a T-Shirt today. I have however heard the seeping of Redwing overhead at night while waiting for a badger to make an appearance. I have seen a couple of Redwing in daylight on the patch, and on Saturday I saw a solitary Fieldfare. This is the longest period of mild weather I can recall at this time of year for a long time. Today I heard reports of a single Swallow, a Red Admiral and a Hawker Dragonfly, in late October?

It's too warm for this time of year. The usual scaremongering is appearing in the papers. Time will tell.




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