Saturday, 9 May 2015

Camera Dilemma

I'm not sure what to do at the moment. I really enjoy digiscoping and I am slowly getting to grips with the Nikon P300 I am using. My idea was that once I had mastered the camera I would upgrade to the Nikon P330 or P340. I have also been experimenting with video capture through the scope with the P300 and it does a very acceptable job. I've even tried some close up macro photography with this little camera.

Persevering with some digiscoping, my first Garden Warbler of the year.

However, there are times when digiscoping can be difficult, such as trying to capture small fast moving birds. In these situations a hand held camera is definitely easier. Also, a good bridge camera is excellent for record shots. There are times when you don't want to cart the scope and tripod about, but just enjoy a wander with the binoculars. This is where a bridge camera comes into its own if you encounter something unexpected or a good photo opportunity presents itself. I have had a Canon SX40 since they were released and have really enjoyed using it. From Macro, landscape to telephoto it has been a pleasure to use and I am pleased with the results I have achieved and some of the record shots I have recorded using it.

Now Nikon have produced the new "King" of the compact zoom bridge cameras in the shape of the Nikon P900 with its incredible 83x optical zoom. A camera that on the face of it is a must have for birders. It seems to have proved very popular with UK birders since its release and seems to currently be sold out everywhere!!


I reminded myself how useful a bridge camera is this morning and took my old SX40 out on my walk. The light was poor and the morning very overcast, not good for any type of photography really, especially digiscoping. Even in the poor light at distances of around 40 yards I managed these shots. High ISO, a little noisy, but acceptable nevertheless?


The Bridge camera is also nice to just use as a camera to snap away at anything that takes your interest.

So what to do? I may just stick with my Phone and Nikon P300 for digiscoping and upgrade my bridge camera to the Nikon P900. But my mind changes by the hour. Back to reading reviews by photographers who have managed to purchase one and see what the consensus of opinion is.

Out Sunday morning and I again took the Canon SX40, managed these shots of a Grey Wagtail.

The SX40 may have been superseded as bridge camera technology goes by several models now, but it's still a great walk about camera.





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