Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Make Friends at Middleton

RSPB Middleton this morning, and another enjoyable visit. The highlight today being making a new friend who shared lunch with me.

First, he followed me along, showing a real interest in what I was doing.

Then, he enjoyed a snack with me.

He even brought a mate along to share the grub.
The walk down to the a Wetland area was carpeted in Bluebells.
The Glossy Ibis was present again today, it was seen before I arrived, moved on just as I reached the wetland area, then returned when I departed. I can't complain though, I've seen it a few times already. It seems to be very at home at Middleton, as does the Mediterranean Gull on the North Pit.
These were taken on iPhone 4S through scope

One thing is for certain, it beats a morning at work hands down!


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