Saturday, 5 January 2013

Two life ticks!

Saturday morning, picked up Pete and we headed straight to Hams Hall to try and see the Firecrest. We arrived at about 9am to find quite a few birders already searching.

Within fifteen minutes, the Firecrest was located by a group of birders that alerted the rest of us to the find. Pete and I were soon gazing upon our first Firecrest.

I considered trying for a picture, the bird was however far too mobile.

We enjoyed the Firecrest for around 10 minutes before losing sight of it.


Later that day I was out meeting up with a friend in Tamworth when news reached me of a Whooper Swan at Bodymoor Heath. I estimated I had at least forty minutes of light left so jumped in the car and went for it.

It took me twenty minutes to get to Bodymoor and locate the bird. it was grazing in a field along with six Mute Swans. I had rushed to get this tick so arrived with no Scope and no camera. I did however have my binoculars and my phone.

Here is a poor hand held record shot taken as always in poor light with my iPhone through the binoculars handheld.

It's been a good holiday break over Christmas and I have enjoyed my birding.

So, it's back to work on Monday. No doubt some real rarities will now pop up. Not at weekends though. Such is life.

Pete has already made a good start on the moors, his accounts can be seen on the Moors Page of this blog. I have yet to set foot on the Moors in 2013. Next weekend should find me wandering about there.


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