Monday, 14 January 2013

Moors Debut

Sunday 13th Jan saw my first visit to the Moors. With a combination of work, darkness before 4pm and floods, conditions until now have been against me.

I managed some ticks on our "Patch" year list (see Moors list page on this blog.) and had a great morning out. I also managed, at last, to investigate the "Oak Line."

This row of Oaks has long intrigued us, as we felt there may be another Badger Sett dug at the root base of one of the Oaks. As the fields that surround the Oaks have either held crops or been a muddy quagmire, conditions have not been right to walk across to them.

There is a decent sized Sett already on the Moors and Young badgers do occasionally dig outlying single holed or "blind" tunnels some distance from the main Sett.

Large Sett entrance.

Bedding dragged out to air and freshen up.

As this morning was cold and the previous night freezing, the usually muddy ground was frozen and firm. I arrived at be Oak Line to find there are indeed excavations. Not the work of Badgers though. Just busy rabbits.

I left the Moors and called in at Alvecote pools, where I not only enjoy the birding, but I am also bailiff. I enjoyed a chat and a cuppa with angling friends and the second kestrel of the morning put in an appearance. I, (Taz actually), also found some Otter tracks along the river bank complete with the classic tail drag mark between them. This area really provides some excellent habitat for a real diversity of wildlife.

Cooperative Kestrel

Taz as usual had a thoroughly great time.

A great end to a nice morning. Looking forward to next weekend to do it all again. Maybe in the snow?

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