Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Local Patching

On holiday and stayed local due to the severe weather warnings concerning the impending storm. To be honest, we were lucky and here in the Midlands, apart from some rain, it didn't happen.

I ended up walking the Moors with Pete. The temperatures had dropped, it was breezy and the previous nights rain had made it water logged in places. But it was still a nice walk.

We saw a Skylark, a small flock of Redwings, and my first Fieldfare of this autumn/winter. Also, the geese have started to appear, grazing in the fields. I will,be keeping an eye on these. Yesterday, they were all Canada's, today, three Greylag had joined them. I hope for some more goose surprises as the temperatures drop.

Tuesday morning found me wandering around Borrowpit and following the Tame to where it meets the Anker in the Castle Grounds. Saw a hunting Kestrel and a few Grey Squirrels. I know they look cute, but I am fully behind any managed cull of these none indigenous mammals to allow the reintroduction of our native Red Squirrel.

The Tame is just within its banks after all the rain. It won't take much more to put it over its banks.

The air temperature was noticibly cooler this morning, and that combined with high winds, Redwing and Fieldfare sightings and Goose flocks increasing suggest Autumn in now moving into Winter. The trees still,have most their leaves, but like this Chestnut, they are showing late Autumn colours.

Found the remains of what I think was a Cormorant. A fox had made a meal of it during the night. They are not a favourite bird amongst anglers, but always interesting to watch. I wonder how this one met its end?

I was surprised to see a small flock of Blackcap as I walked around the tree line near the stream. The stream does provide a good source of insects. It seems some Blackcap over winter here, so will keep an eye out and see if these hang about.

The gulls were very active this morning, and squabbling as Gulls do. These two kept driving each other off the perch as they wanted to perch in exactly the same spot.

As I headed back towards the car, I noticed a Little Egret in the trees on the island. My first sighting of one on this lake this year. As I reached the car, a pair of Grey Wagtail landed and started foraging on the shore line. Not a bad mornings walk.


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