Monday, 7 April 2014

RSPB Middleton

After work I noticed a Garganey and a Grey Plover had been reported at Middleton. I started to get the birding gear together, when the heavens opened. I made a cuppa, sat on the settee and hoped it wouldn't last too long. Eventually it stopped and I was off, I arrived at Middleton at 6.30pm.

I headed straight to the wetland area hoping to see either of the reported birds before the light failed. The infamous Middleton mud slowed my progress, as i slipped and slid my way to the North pit. I had forgotten just what a walk this is.

My idea was to start at the furthest point, then work my way back towards the car park. On arrival at the North pit, the hide lockable door was open. I entered to find it empty. I swiftly but methodically scanned the North Pit. Neither of the birds I sought were evident. As I left, I locked the door behind me.

I scanned the Jubilee Wetlands, Redshank, Ringed Plover, but none of my target birds.

I moved to the lake between Fisher's Mill and Jubilee Wetland, and there, moving quickly across the lake was the Garganay. In poor light a moving target through the scope with the iPhone was always going to be blurred. It was, but you can tell what it is. The Garganey made the reeds on the far bank, and didn't appear again. It was now 7.45pm and the light was fading fast.

I headed back to the car and managed to stay upright, despite several near miss incidents on the slippery mud. Wellies are useless in this type of liquid mud. It was however to be expected after this afternoons deluge.

The view from Fishers Mill on way back to car.


Plenty to see at Middleton RSPB

A good end to a Monday, which also included my first Swallows of the year. Well worth the mud and effort. I'm expecting big things of Middleton RSPB this year. I believe Jubilee Wetlands will attract some very respectable birds in 2014, watch this space.


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