Monday, 14 April 2014



Headed off to Cambridgeshire to meet up with a local expert who had offered to put me onto a Nightingale. We met at Paxton Pits on his recommendation, as he felt this offered the best chance of seeing my first Nightingale.

We arrived at Paxton Pits at 10.30am, and not long after, Stuart, took us in search of Nightingales. This is Stuart's local patch, and he knew it well. He explained that about 7 males had arrived in the week, and were staking claim to territories. He showed us some likely spots. We heard two Nightingale's singing, and eventually had a brief glimpse of one in flight. My first sighting of this species. I had hoped for a better view though!

Stuart had to leave, he was leading a birding trip to Texas the next day and was in the midst of packing.

We decided to do a circuit of this great looking nature reserve and see what turned up?

A favoured Nightingale area


Eventually, we again heard a male Nightingale close by. We had the tree it was in pinpointed, now the job was spotting it. Eventually, it was spotted. I even managed a few record shots. A very pleasing tick.



On the way home, we called in at Grafham water. This place is huge. We took a stroll along the dam wall towards the valve tower. The only bird of interest, was a good looking Redshank on the dam against the shore line. I was pleased with these pictures.


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