Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Targets and a great way to end a day.


Straight home from work, binoculars, Taz and out on the moors. I have decided to set myself a few year targets.

- To see a Long Eared Owl this year.

- To find a Little Owl on my Patch

- To see the Barn Owl on my Patch

- To observe the Badgers at the active Sett I have found.

- To locate a Buzzard nest and follow progress of incubation, hatching and fledging.

There were six Buzzards displaying on the thermals above one of the woods this evening.

The last four targets are all Patch orientated, the Long Eared Owl is an anywhere target.

So, this evening was the start of my Owl quest. I know a few lightly looking gnarly old trees that look a decent bet for a little Owl and went to check them out. No luck this time, will keep at it.

I did however stumble across a nice year tick and a Moors first. A pair of a Red-Legged Partridge. A very pleasing tick indeed.


Pete met me down there, as he was hoping for a Barn Owl. I had lost track of the Red legs by then, but knew whereabouts they were. We scoured the hedgerows looking for them to get Pete the tick, but couldn't relocate them. I'm sure they will hang around that particular area near the farm machinery field for a while yet. I will keep a lookout for them.

I also intend getting some peanuts and raisins and starting to put feed out for the Badgers. Over Easter, I hope to observe them by spending an evening or two near the Sett. Pete is going to put a piece of ribbon up there in a hedge top so we can ascertain the direction of the prevalent wind and decide on the best viewing position.

I am quite excited at the prospect of achieving some of my year targets, and intend putting some effort into trying to make them happen.

After a hectic day at work, it was a great way to unwind this evening on the Moors. The sunset on my way back to the car wasn't bad either.


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