Sunday, 2 March 2014

Rivers and Canals

Tried a new route around the patch today. Made a pleasent change and resulted in 31 species in a brisk walk around. Didn't see any Fieldfare on the Moors, however, the football pitches on my return to the car were heaving with them. Also plenty of Redwing and Starling.

The Moors had a good feel to it this morning, the sun putting an appearance in didn't hurt.

River Anker - Warks Moors

From here, Taz and I headed to Alvecote and had a look around the nature trail and canal. We hoped to find the American Wood Duck Drake or the Manderin that sometimes hang around this area. No luck this morning.

Scenic view along the canal

The swampy area along the nature trail was seriously green.

Green and fresh


Checked out all three pools on the nature reserve. My target ducks were not around this morning.

The new managers of the angling on these pools have built some excellent fishing pegs, they make good viewing platforms too.

Will keep checking the local canal network. As the weather improves those ducks often put in an appearance.


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