Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Local Otters

Tuesday evening after work and I decided to make the most of the bright moon and go for a wander. I walked along the river Anker and the freezing temperature and bright illumination made it a very enjoyable experience. The moon was that bright, I didn't turn my torch on once, and I was out for two and a half hours. I heard a few Tawny's calling, but didn't actually see one. It is quite amazing the detail that could be seen through the binoculars under the moonlight though.


The highlight of the evening, maybe of the year, was spotting local Otters. Actually, I saw one, but another could clearly be heard in the reed bed, hissing, mewing and cracking the marginal ice as it moved through. The other, put on a great show, fishing and diving all over the river, occasionally getting out and patrolling the margin. I was absolutely made up watching it. I tried a bit of moon light photography obviously no flash, no good I'm afraid!

On the way home, I decided to try and photograph a tree in the dark using the flash. I like the way it looks, a bit eerie.

Wednesday evening, and was again raring to get down to the river and try to locate the Otters. Got my gear together and arranged to pick up Pete. Started the car up only to find it had developed a fault. Sounds like the exhaust! Evenings plans cancelled. Will get car to dealership in the morning.
The car is back and all repaired. Saturday morning and Pete and I headed out to Whitemoor Haye. We hadn't been there for a while and fancied a change. There were some large flocks of starlings and plenty of Yellowhammers about, a few Redwing were also spotted.

As we viewed the large flock of Mutes grazing in one of the adjacent fields, I spotted a distant Black Swan. I attempted to take pictures with my SX40 hand held when suddenly a flock of Whooper Swans photo bombed the picture as they came in to land.

We counted 10, but there could of been more in amongst the Mutes. Later in the day, they were still there and now there were a few more of them.

At just before 4pm, they were again reported.

So all in all, a very worthwhile morning out. No sign of the Tree Sparrows I actually went looking for though. Although a little flock of them were reported later that morning.

The Whoopers were reported still in residence on Sunday morning. Jon and I went to Kingsbury looking for Redpoll or Siskin, both have been thin on the ground in the area this winter. No luck. The lakes all had a lid on them after a cold few days.

Sunday late afternoon ended in glorious winter sunshine. Mrs Moocher and I ventured out with Taz for a walk. The weak winter sunshine did little to raise the temperature.

We watched Cormorants coming into roost and enjoyed a hot coffee whilst watching a pair of Barn Owl. Another great weekend!




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