Saturday, 1 March 2014

Out for a a Duck.

The weekend is here. There has been a Long-Tailed Duck reported all week few miles away at Sutton Park. Just contacted Pete, and he is up for going to see this bird in the morning. It's been favouriting Powell's Pool, so hopefully it will hang about for one more day.

Pete and I arrived on Saturday morning, and within minutes had located the Long-Tailed Duck. It was distant and resting, head tucked under wing. So not great views initially. We decided to walk around the lake, it took a little longer than expected. We ended up having to walk around the perimeter of the golf course too, then get back onto Monmouth Drive and walk back to Stonehouse Rd. Luckily, it was a lovely sunny morning and we had a good laugh walking round. (I blame Pete!)


We did get another year tick in the form of a Grey Wagtail, and on returning to our starting position managed better views of the Duck.

It wasn't close enough for good pictures, and the Sun was causing too much glare from our viewing position. I didn't attempt any pictures.

I already have some record shots of a Long tailed Duck, and these would not be an improvement.

We did however get some good views and added it to out local list for the year.

Long Tailed Duck


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