Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Quick update.

I couldn't resist visiting the Hornets nest again, but this time I took the spotting scope with me. It's was amazing watching them though the scope. The Hornets were very active fanning and protecting the nest entrance.

Quite often, a Hornet would leave the nest carrying something in its mouth. I'm not sure what they are removing from the nest? It could be wax plugs from pupal cells, or wood excavated from the tree to allow nest expansion. I wouldn't of thought the nest would be extended at this time of year as Hornets don't survive over the winter. Only new fertilised queens will hibernate through the winter months and emerge in the spring to establish a new colony.

Light was still an issue for photography, so I decided to try and phonescope a bit of video footage of the Hornets around the nest.


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