Monday, 11 February 2013

Variety on The Moors

Pete has been visiting the Moors almost daily, even through the awful weather we have experienced and with the Moors often flooded.


A time will come in the near future, when stuff will stop falling from the skies and the weather will improve. Even in these poor conditions, the Moors have plenty to offer to those that explore it. Pete took a camera the other day and recorded some of the variety of habitat that can be found there, This is just a selection of the habitats that can be found.


The ivy covered areas of woodland


Open Fields
Silver Birch Coppice's
Just a few examples as Pete was confined to the higher areas of the Moors due to flooding. There are also big old Oaks, large areas of scrub land with gorse areas, well established hedgerows, marshes, and of course, the river Anker winding its way through.
Spring will soon be upon us, giving the Moors another face lift and bringing with it an influx of new species. Pete did say he had just topped over 50 species, so the next 50 are up to me? It will be a challenge to get the target 100 species, but interesting trying.



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