Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bloody Bittern!

Met John early this morning at Dosthill nature reserve with the intention of looking for the Bittern that has been reported there during the week. We traipsed down the hill and slid through the mud, eventually arriving at the lake opposite the reed beds. Then, we started scanning the reed beds in hope of a sighting. We picked through the reed beds with the scopes for around twenty minutes, nothing stood out, but Bitterns don't do they?

Reeds, reeds, reeds.

We moved positions to try scanning again from a different angle. As John was scanning the reedbed, he suddenly starting pointing and shouted across to me that the Bitten was indeed here, and in flight across the pool. In fact, it had just flown through John's scope view as he was scanning reedbeds. I struggled to find it as it had taken a route behind a small island. As it emerged from behind it, it instantly re-entered the reed bed and did what Bittens do best. Vanished!

John scanning for a Bittern.

My view of it was fleeting to say the least. John on the other hand had a great view and was very pleased. We walked closer to the area the Bittern had entered and spent a while carefully scanning the area. No luck, Bloody Bitterns!


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