Saturday, 16 February 2013

What a difference the Sun makes.

Had a cracking mornings birding i had today. The sun shone, nothing wet fell from the sky, and the birds played ball.

Up and out early with Taz to give her an early morning walk. Got back home about 8.20am and a couple of minutes later, Mally knocked the front door. He told me a decent Siskin flock and a Waxwing were just over the road about 100 yards from my front door. Quick nip across the road and there they were, feeding in the Alders. About 20 Siskin and a lone Waxwing. The Waxwing was a year tick.

A great start to the day and thanks thanks to Mally.

Next, it was off to collect Pete for a visit to Whitemoor Haye. The Moors are still well flooded, so this was the alternative venue for today.

There were plenty of Yellowhammers about as soon as we got out of the car. Some of the brightest coloured I have seen for a long time, or was it just the fact the sun was shining on them?


Along the lanes, Dunnocks were showing well and loudly advertising their presence with their "seep seep" calls.

A little further along our travels and it was time to look for the Little Owls in their favourite tree. It was Pete who managed to first pick them out. They were too distant for the camera, so I attempted a shot through the scope using my iPhone. Not a bad record shot.

It's surprising what wildlife can get used to. An abundance of birds this morning amid the constant drone of Microlights taking off and landing.
Even the swans just grazed without a worry as these odd looking aircraft took to the skies and landed again only 70 yards away from them.
A great morning.

Let's hope the sun keeps shining and the birds are as obliging as they were today.




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