Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Year tick on the Moors

After what seemed a long day at work, I got home, got changed, and whistled up Taz. By 5pm we were out birding. I decided to head to the Moors looking for some more year ticks. I also hoped I may see a Wheatear or Redstart. Unfortunately, that didn't happen!

What did happen though was a new year tick for the Moors. I accessed the Moors from the Stables and walked along the river Anker.

Just before the farm, a little Egret got up and flew along the river channel, eventually finding itself a tree to perch in. Much to the distain of the Rooks that were in the area. The Rooks put in several swooping attacks, but the Egret stood its ground.

I was hoping it would, as I wanted to get photographic proof of our first Little Egret that wasn't a flyover.




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