Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A few snaps of the week.

Sunday evening Pete and I went to see if the Barn Owl would put in an appearance. It did! We watched it exit with a small rodent in its talons, and didn't see it again. Typical, took the scope too.

Monday I walked to a local pool where Pete was fishing. Unfortunately, he had left before I arrived. I still had a wander about. Managed a picture of a young Swallow being fed.

Then decided to get up high and look for a Hobby. I still haven't seen one yet this year. I ended up on top of a Pooley Mound. Stayed there until sunset. Kept a watch on the river, meadows and lakes below. Still no Hobby!
Sunset, Pooley Mound
I wasn't going out on Tuesday. Late home from work and a late Tea. Taz had other ideas and pestered me for an evening walk. Stayed local. It was a quiet evening, one Little Egret the birding highlight. A young Fox made the walk worthwhile though, intently watching some nearby Rabbits. It was probably 200 yards away, I took the pictures with my phone through the scope.


Saturday. Knowing I can't go birding on Sunday, I decided to venture further afield on Saturday. I nearly didn't bother as it rained heavily through the night and was still raining at 7.30am. It stopped about 8.15am, but the forecast was for heavy showers most of the day. I decided to chance it and headed to Blithfield.

It paid off. A tiny bit of drizzle on arrival, then it stayed dry for the rest of the morning. In fact, I stayed longer than anticipated and made the most of it.

I few year ticks made it more than worth while. Green Sandpiper, Ruddy Shelduck and a Spotted Flycatcher. Talking to a few birders at Blithfield today, it was their first Spot Fly of the year too.

The Ruddy Shelduck was too distant, sun behind it, glare on water, all these factors prevented a reasonable picture. The Spotted Flycatcher had ideas other than having its picture taken. It was very mobile and not returning to a specific perch like they usually do. Nevertheless, a very enjoyable few hours birding. I really should visit Blithfield more.

Couldn't even estimate distance. Opposite side of Tad Bay. The orange smudge is a Ruddy Shelduck.


Oystercatchers. Very distant. Phonescoped.


A few Blithfield moments.

Apart from the Little Ringed Plover above, the rest were between 100 - 300 yards in distance.

There were plenty of Little Ringed Plover about today. In excess of 30 I would say. All the pictures taken today were through the scope using my iPhone. Probably best shot of the day was the one below.

Little Ringed Plover IPhone 4S




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