Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pacific Golden Plover - Revisited.

I rushed to Middleton to see the Pacific Golden Plover on Saturday, the first day it was reported. As I mentioned then, intense temperatures and heat haze, combined with distance made photographing this bird difficult. Today, the PGP's third day on site, I noticed a tweet reporting it was closer than it had been for the last two days, and was showing well.

Again, I was on my way. The bird was about 40 yards away, and heat haze much less of an issue today.

I tried to take pictures with my bridge camera, and they were ok, but the phone again seemed to be getting the better record shots.

The pictures were an improvement on Saturdays efforts.

I even managed a piece of video. For some reason, the video doesn't always play in HD when viewed through my blog. If the video below won't play in HD, click the YouTube link and view it there.

I was pleased with this.


Click HERE to watch in HD


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