Saturday, 12 July 2014

Going your own way.

This time of year is a bit quiet here in the Midlands. Well, for rarities, some argue its quiet all the time. However, when a rarity does turn up, it makes it all the sweeter.

Quiet, is an ambiguous term in birding depending on your expectations. Those that go their own way and conscientiously patrol their own favourite or local patch will always find something interesting to see. It probably won't be a national rarity, but it just could be! After all, this is how they are discovered. Dedicated birders, going their own way and patrolling a "patch."

Many argue there would be far less twitching, and far fewer impressive year/life lists if it wasn't for the dedicated army of local birders patrolling their locality day in and day out and reporting what they see. I for one thank these patch birders.

These are the people that rather than chasing around the country prefer to, "go their own way," do their own thing, and benefit birding and birders with their reports and data collection. Most will tell you that it may be quiet where more exotic birds are concerned, but there is always something to see and plenty of interest.

It may not always be birds! A chance encounter with a Badger, a Fox hunting the hedgerows, Bats on the wing, the changing seasons and some great scenery.

A few snaps from "Some quiet weeks."

Speckled Brown
Hunting the a Hedgerows

A couple of Sunsets

Pied Wagtail
Mist in the fields
The moon waxing Gibbous

I can handle this type of quiet.






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