Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hot and Stormy.

Friday evening saw Pete and I head off to Middleton RSPB in the hope of seeing the Great White Egret that had been reported. A severe weather warning for torrential rain and violent electrical storm was in place, but not due to hit us until the early hours. So at about 8pm we arrived a Middleton.

It was humid, but it had cooled slightly. The forecasters were correct and we missed the storms, saw the Great White Egret and even managed an adult Ruff to make the decision to go all the more worthwhile.

Pictures Phonescoped. iPhone 5 and Swarovski ATS 65HD. About 250 yards.

The GWE then took flight, and came to rest a little further away. This is probably in the 300+ yards region.

The Ruff was very distant. Difficulty to even estimate.

The storm did arrived as forecast in the early hours, best electrical activity I have seen in a few years. With the Midlands in the eye of the storm.

These storms will keep some birds down. Wonder how long the GWE will hang about once this stormy weather breaks? Sunday is forecast as warm, but storm free.

Footnote - added Sunday 20th at 11.00pm. No reported sighting of the Middleton GWE today.


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