Saturday, 27 September 2014

Local Catch-Up

Plenty going on around the locality, but nothing new bird wise seen on the patch. There are Wagtails moving through, with many Pied, and a few Grey being seen along the river Tame.

On the moors, Kestrels are showing well, there are some large Linnet flocks about, and starlings are starting to flock together at dusk. Tawny's are regularly heard establishing territories, and Pete has seen a Barn Owl.

Some of the weeks sunsets have been stunning. I can't do them justice with the camera.

I have discovered some well used Badger latrines in one of the areas I walk, and this has again stirred my interest in observing these denizens of the night. I hope to see some of the Badgers soon. To be honest I am becoming a bit preoccupied with the Badgers and watching them. Ultimately, I would like to get some pictures, but I don't want to use flashes, I want to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Saturday started with me being by the badger sett before sunrise hoping to maybe glimpse a badger on its return from a nights foraging. No such luck.


Home for a cuppa, then out again for a wander in the woods.


Autumn's here.


I still find it difficult to walk past a Robin without pointing a camera at it.

And finally, a Hornet nest in the morning sunshine. The Hornets were all crowded around the nest entrance fanning their wings to regulate temperature inside the nest.

I may revisit these Hornets in better lighting conditions, and try for some better pictures.




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