Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Local evening walks.

It's been a decent week so far, considering I returned to work on Monday after a great summer holiday.

Monday evening, I had a Garden Warbler and a Redstart on an area of my patch I haven't seen either at before. A nice result.

Tuesday evening, I encountered several Spotted Flycatchers. I have seen plenty in the locality this year, more than I have seen in any previous years in fact. A lot have been juveniles, it's good to see they seem to have had a successful breeding year. Talking of successful years, there seems to be a few more local Hares evident now the crops have been harvested.

Hare laying tight in its form.

I also discovered this interesting looking Fungi on the base of an Oak tree.

As I had the scope with me and was out later than expected, I couldn't resist a moon shot on my way back across the fields.

An Autumn Moon - Waxing Gibbous


Wednesday, Pete and I set out looking for a reported local Whinchat. On route we encountered a young Fox dead at the side of the lane. Clipped by a car maybe?

We soon located the Whinchat, it was perched bolt upright as Chats do on some fence posts. It occasionally flew to the top of a Hawthorn tree, then back to the fence line. I cursed the fact I had decided to leave my scope at home! I could have got some great Phonescoped shots. Typical!

I did however have my camera with me. In the low light a high ISO was needed, so this is the best I could manage.

Finally, on the way back to the car, we discovered another oak tree with fungi.

sulphur shelf, chicken of the woods

It's been an interesting week so far, I hope the trend continues.

Update........ Thursday. Went looking for the Whinchat again and took my scope hoping to phonescope it. Typically, there was no sign of it! Never mind, light values were very poor for phonescoping this evening. I did see some more Spotted Flycatchers though. These are the best pictures I could manage in the dull conditions.



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