Sunday, 14 September 2014

RSPB Middleton - Stonechat

A visit to RSPB Middleton on Saturday afternoon with a plan. I hoped to see the Curlew Sandpiper that had been there most of the week, and I hoped to cross paths with a Stonechat and try to phonescope it. They make a great subject and often pose for a picture.

Heading straight for the Jubilee Wetland area the Curlew Sandpipers were soon located, also three Ruff and a Snipe were in the same area. So, with the Curlew Sands seen, it was off to try and find a Stonechat.

On route, we observed a Hobby feeding on the wing. Jon and I discussed what a great sight it is to see a Hobby gliding overhead while feeding on a captured Hawker Dragonfly. It really is an impressive sight.

As we walked along the electric fence, up popped a Stonechat and perched obligingly to be photographed. I set up the scope, attached the phone with the Novagrade adapter, and took a few pictures.

So, both reasons for my visit had been achieved, with some very interesting bonus birds along the way. As usual, time flew by at Middleton RSPB, always a sign of an interesting visit.


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