Saturday, 2 March 2013

Out and about

A wander along the river Tame this morning and I spotted a strange looking Goose. Didn't have my big camera with me, so used iPhone through binoculars.

The more I look at this, with the orange bill and neck pattern, the more I am convinced it is a Greylag/Canada hybrid. My mate feels the high white cheek patches look a bit Barnacle goose, whatever, it's an oddity.

Not the first hybrid I've encountered recently. Thought I had got a Moors Whooper swan the other day.


The more I study these pictures, the more I'm convinced its the Mute/Whooper hybrid. There has been one resident on the river Anker for a few years. I hadn't seen it or a while. I believe this is it. It's head and bill shape just don't seem right for a Whooper. Was exciting when I first spotted it though.


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