Thursday, 14 March 2013

The February Moors Total

February species count 54. (Pete)

Pete has totalled the Moors list up to the end of February. It's amazing to think a Coot has still to be spotted down there. No doubt one will show up soon.

Chaffinch/ Robin/Wood Pigeon/ Rook /Magpie / Blackbird/Kestrel/ Mute Swan /Great Tit /Blue Tit/ Jay/ Greater Spotted Woodpecker/Redwing/Fieldfare/Sparrowhawk / Reed Bunting/ Goldfinch /Buzzard /Dunnock /Wren/Heron/Green Woodpecker/ Long-Tailed Tit /Goldcrest/ Black-headed Gull /Yellowhammer/Bullfinch/Cormorant/Herring Gull /Lapwing /Carrion Crow/ Moorhen/Canada Goose /Mallard /Song Thrush /Shelduck/ Mistle Thrush/ House Sparrow/ Treecreeper/ Barn Owl /Goosander / Starling/ Skylark/Meadow Pipit/ Willow Tit /Coal Tit/ Pheasant /Jack Snipe/Collared Dove/Marsh Tit/ Kingfisher/ Linnet/Greenfinch/Raven/

A return to winter conditions has not helped progress. The last week seeing snow and sub zero temperatures again! It is now forecast to warm up, with heavy rain predicted. Fingers crossed for a decent spring.

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