Sunday, 24 March 2013

Winter returned...

Saturday morning was a white out due to overnight snow. So much for the first week of Spring!

I took Taz over the hill that is right by my house. This is where I saw a lone Waxwing a few weeks ago, I was hoping for a repeat appearance. No such luck! There was however a flock of Siskin, they were keeping quite deep into the trees for the cover they offered. It was still snowing and the wind was bitter cold.


On returning home, I decided to leave the car where it was and go birding on the bus. First I walked to Sharpe street, Waxwings had been seen a few times in the week here. Pete had seen 5 on the canal. A flock of 19 had also been reported. I met Pete in Amington village and we spent a couple of hours searching, no luck again.

Pete returned home, and I jumped on a bus into Tamworth. I walked through the castle grounds to Borrowpit Lake. Plenty of BH Gulls, and a few LBB. Three Cormorants, plenty of Great Crested Grebe and a couple of Red Headed Goosander. Also, a very busy Kingfisher made several appearances. I looked for the odd Hybrid Goose amongst the Canada's, but it wasn't there today.

Here it is from a previous encounter.

I walked along the Tame back to Ladybridge, but apart from a couple of Canada's and three male Mallard, it was very quiet.

Sunday morning, more snow!

Left car again and set out on foot. Glascote Canal to Kettlebrook. Again I hoped a Waxwing might be in the area. It was bitterly cold. Apart from a few blue tits, the odd Magpie and a couple of Chaffinch it was quite uneventful bird wise. Highlight of the morning was a feral Pigeon that is obviously nesting in a canal bridge repeatedly visiting its nest.

All taken with iPhone 4S


Got a bit arty with the last two. Well, the birding was very quiet!

So, a very disappointing weekend on the birding front. I need to get a few ticks. I'm due some time off work soon and I have a plan. Let's see how it all pans out?



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