Monday, 27 May 2013

Start of the Bank Holiday

Stayed local all weekend. To be honest, it's been really quiet around my local haunts. The highlight being a year tick of a Cetti's Warbler at Dosthill reserve. I really like the Dosthill side of the RSPB reserve. Can't wait for the planned bridge to join Middleton and Dosthill sides together. Hope it happens soon? We seem to have been waiting a long time.

Anyway, the Black Headed Gulls are well into breeding mode. All prime nesting sites are occupied.


Tried to get some pictures of resting Grebes out on the water. This is the best I could do in the available light and distance involved.

I have mentioned before the strange looking geese I encountered this past winter. One on the Tame in Tamworth, the other at Kingsbury Water Park. Well, Spring has seem them both change venue. Both have now met up on the Tame at Dosthill.

I now believe these are Canada/Greylag Hybrids.



So, even though it's been quiet on the year tick front, there is still plenty of interest about.

Borrowpit Lake is also holding a few Spring youngsters. This Gosling was really enjoying the Sun on its back.


I hope,we see more of the Sunshine. Today is Bank holiday Monday, and it's windy and cold. Rain forecast for rest of week. Went for a quick walk this evening, needed a fleece and wooly hat, at the end of May!

This unseasonably cold weather is affecting the movement of our birds. I have yet to hear a Grasshopper Warbler locally this year. Surely one must show soon?

It has been very pleasant having a couple of warm sunny days. Taz and I found looking for Grashopper Warblers thirsty work. So, we have started indulging in a post birding pint. Very welcome it is too. Who knows how many we will have to drink in our search for local birds? Lets hope the sun comes back soon, and we can again get thirsty in the heat.



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