Monday, 20 May 2013

The weekend

Stayed local all weekend. On arriving home from work on Friday, I noticed a Temminck's Stint reported at Branston Gravel Pits. I whistled up Taz, we jumped in the car and headed off. Half hour later, we arrived at the pits and headed towards the new workings.

It was a fair old walk. But on arrival some guys were already in position with scopes trained on the Temminck's. one of the guys told me to get a view now through his scope as the Stint was very mobile. I did this, got some good views of the bird and thanked him for his generosity.

So, a life tick to start the weekend in the form of a Temminck's Stint.

Saturday found Pete and I wandering the Moors. It turned out to be a quiet morning. I also checked out around Alvecote on Saturday evening, but nothing new much to mention.

Sunday morning I met up with Jon and we roamed around Dosthill reserve. Again, quiet!

Sunday evening Pete and I went to Kingsbury water Park. We walked up to the canal and headed for the Dog and Doublet on what was a pleasant bright and warm evening. On route to the pub, I even managed some decent photographs.

Sitting outside the pub on this warm evening was very therapeutic, and all thoughts of tomorrow's impending start of the working week seemed a long way off. Even Taz enjoyed stretching out on the grass waiting for some Guinness.


She enjoyed her share.


Nothing really to report except a good walk, good company and a good pint. Happy Days!


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