Thursday, 30 May 2013

Iscoping revisited.

Today I decided to pay a visit to a nearby nature reserve. Conditions were not favourable. It was overcast and raining quite heavily. I decided to take my Opticron GS52 GA ED scope with me. It really isn't a chore carrying it around. As light values were so poor, I decided for the first time to use the 40809 HDF Eyepiece. This gives a magnification of 18x on this scope, and being a fixed magnification eyepiece should maximise light transmission. To say that the image using this eyepiece impressed me, would be seriously understating the situation. When I looked through the scope with this eyepiece attached, I just thought, Wow! A very bright image and to my eye, it seemed sharp edge to edge. Now, as always I had my iPhone in my pocket. Even in these overcast dull conditions with the rain belting down I felt that the light transmission through this little 52mm objective lens was good enough to try some impromptu iscoping. When you click the link and the video starts playing, click the cog shaped icon at the bottom of the screen and ensure you are viewing in HD.I tried stills and video. The results of which can be seen by clicking the link below.

Youtube. Click Here to view in HD


The quality of the video in particular has really impressed me. Now I cannot wait to try iscoping with this little scope and 18x eyepiece in bright ideal conditions. I'm quite excited by the possibilities.

Opticron have also announced the imminent release of dedicated smartphone adaptors. This can only improve the overall end result. I look forward to their release.


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