Monday, 20 May 2013

OPTICRON take customer service SERIOUSLY!

Where to begin? As some of you know, I am an Opticron devotee and use their equipment for all my birding. I pay full price and have no other affiliation to Opticron other than being a customer. I use Opticron products because in my opinion, the optical difference between Opticron's top of the range products and Alpha glass is minimal. I have spent countless hours at bird-fairs, optical dealers and in the field with fellow birders using Opticron equipment side by side with the top flight offerings. I stand by my statement that image quality from Opticron is up there with the best.

When I started this blog I listed the Opticron equipment I use and gave details as to why I choose the products from this company. My Birding Equipment .

As well as the equipment detailed in the above link, I also own an Opticron GS52 GA ED Travel Scope. I use it with a SDL Zoom eyepiece and the view through this little scope is exceptional. It has become the first thing I grab as I go out of the door. So, you can imagine my dismay when on Sunday 12th May, I noticed some damage on my scope. I was cleaning the objective lens when I noticed some lateral movement of the Cowl covering the lens. On further investigation, the cowl came away from the scope body. I noticed the threaded area the cowl screws into had broken. Now, I admit that the scope has taken a few knocks while out birding when Climbing fences. It has caught on branches while carring the scope on a Mulepack etc. So there is a chance, I accidently caused this damage. I said as much to Opticron in the letter I enclosed with the scope when I returned it to their customer service dept by first class post on Tuesday 14th May.


Well, today is Monday the 20th of May. Unbelievebly my scope has been returned by Opticron. Repaired and as good as new, FREE OF CHARGE under the warranty.

A 6 day turn around! That is EXCEPTIONAL customer service, so good in fact i feel it needed sharing.

With this service, Opticron has increased further my loyalty to their brand, and I will recommend their products not just based on my first hand experience of their optical performance, but also by my first hand experience of their outstanding cutomer service.

Thank You Opticron

P.S .... Just returned from an evening stroll. Was great to take the GS52 out with me. It's been less than a week, but I was missing it. Had great views of my first Cuckoo of the year through it this evening.


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