Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A couple of Photo Opportunities.

Set out this morning around Alvecote pools. I had been told the general location of a Great Spotted Woodpecker nest and fancied a look. Once in the area, I could hear the chicks and soon had the nest pinpointed. I set up the scope attached my phone via the Novagrade adapter and waited for some action. The parent birds were in the area, but didn't visit the nest in the fifteen minutes I was there. A young chick appeared at the entrance to the nest and was very vocal. The nest entrance has a bracket fungi right above it, it looks like a porch.


It was difficult to get a decent exposure due to the light constantly changing and the dappling effect through the tree canopy. It was a bit of a waiting game, and in this situation, an adapter comes into its own, holding your phone in perfect alignment ready for action.

As soon as I had captured this shot, I moved on. The parent birds had not visited the nest while I was there. I was a good distance from the nest, but just to be sure my presence wasn't holding up the feeing routine, I felt it best to leave them to it.

Later in the day, I drove past the area I have recently discovered a Little Owl. I had a quick glance about as I slowly drove through. It was 2.30pm and to my surprise, there was the Little Owl perched on a telegraph wire!

I drove past, pulled over, got my camera from the boot turned the car around and headed back. The Little Owl had now flown across the road and was in a tree opposite where I had first spotted it. I pulled over, put on the hazard lights, and took a few shots through the open car window.

Canon SX40
Canon SX40

The rain started as I was taking these pictures. As the bigger drops started to fall, my Little Owl headed off looking for shelter. I will be keeping my eye on this area.

I have now this year seen Little, Barn and Tawny Owl locally. I would love to see a Long Eared Owl. A local one would be great, but I have a feeling I may have to travel.


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