Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Novagrade Universal Smartphone Adapter

Well, it's arrived, and initial inspection is very favourable. A really quality adapter machined from aluminium. The twist fit to secure it to the eyepiece is smooth and precise, and fitting and removal is easily achieved without struggle or fuss.

The initial setup of the adapter was a little fiddly, but now I'm familiar with it, I could do it again in far less time. It's worth spending a little time going through the instructions and changing positions and type of phone gripper until you achieve the perfect fit. Once it's set up and locked in place, you won't have to do this procedure again unless you change your phone or eyepiece.

What is particularly useful, is the ability to leave your phone in the protective case of your choice. Most adapters these days either require the phone to be case free or, you need to fit your phone in the adapters provided case. Neither of these options appeals to me. I like my phone well protected and use an Otterbox to afford this protection to my phone. As stated above, I can easily clip my phone into the adapter while still in its Otterbox, a major plus point.

The adapter is supplied with a variety of compressing rings and phone grippers to meet the requirements of perfectly aligning most brands of smartphone to most brands of spotting scope eyepiece. My initial impression of this well made adapter is that it should provide years of use. Let's be realistic here, most of us change our phones on a regular basis. This would normally entail the purchase of a new dedicated adapter for your new phone. This is not the case with the Novagrade, a few adjustments to the adapter, and you are back in business.

Since the arrival of my Novagrade adapter, I have due to work constraints only managed to get out and use it once very briefly after work. I was very impressed with my first attempt at capturing through my phone what my spotting scope was pointing at. This Yellow Wagtail is my first capture using the Novagrade Universal Smartphone Adapter.

I am looking forward to the weekend and the opportunity to spend a bit more time using this adapter.

I will add to my review/user experience as I go along. I hope to include a gallery page of pictures on my blog specifically for Phonescoped pictures using the Novagrade adapter. I'm very interested to see what I can achieve with this clever piece of equipment.


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