Friday, 8 August 2014

Novagrade Smartphone Adapter - An Update.

A few people have been in touch to ask me how I am getting on with my Novagrade smartphone adapter, so I thought I would update.
I'm still enjoying using my Novagrade smartphone adapter at every opportunity. I have been using it for a few months now, and to be honest, I'm very impressed. When I first received the adapter, I suspected that the initial setup adjustments I made to it to accept my iphone 4S in its case, and now my iPhone 5 would need regular readjustments due to normal everyday use. I was wrong!
Since setup, the adapter has remained in alignment, and holds the phone exactly where I set it. No "creep" on the adjustments has been experienced at all. Very impressive considering that between uses, it is just chucked in my backpack.
I have said this before, but just to make it clear, I am not employed by Novagrade or given incentives to write this. I am just a customer, that paid for my Novagrade adapter with my own hard earned cash.
In terms of cost, I accept they are not a cheap piece of equipment, they are however, quality. I have explained to a few people interested in phonescope adapters that they should be aware that most phonescope adapters are phone and eyepiece specific, change either, and you need to fork out again for a new adapter.
Most phonescoping adapters I have looked at myself are in the £60-£70 region. As I have recently upgraded my phone, I would with these phone specific adapters be paying out again. However, with the Novagrade I just made the necessary quick adjustments to allow it to hold my new phone in the correct position. Also, and this to me is a big bonus, I can keep my phone in the protective case of my choice, I don't have to swap cases whenever I want to phonescope, as most other adapters require you to do.
Anyway, I'm a very happy customer. I have had a few people say they cannot find a UK retailer in order to purchase one. Well, I would suggest you start by dropping an email to the address below With any enquiries you may have.
The UK and Ireland distributor for Novagrade digiscope adapters.



Some recent pictures taken using the Novagrade Adapter. After adjustments to take my latest phone in an Otterbox protective case of my choice.

I'm pleased with the results I'm achieving.















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