Wednesday, 9 April 2014

RSPB Middleton revisited

The birds are dropping in at Middleton this week. Wednesday after work again found me heading to the RSPB reserve in the hope that some of the four Avocet that had been reported at lunchtime would still be there at 5.30pm. I big hope, but worth a look.

On arrival at Jubilee Wetlands, I was put onto four Dunlin. One of them looked a little different to the other three. A bit larger, lighter plumage, with a broader, slightly longer bill. It seemed slightly leggier too. Maybe a different race of Dunlin to the other three?

The walk down to the wetland area was an easy stroll. No slipping about in the mud, just 48 hours later and the paths were much improved.


There were quite a few Little Ringed Plover on the Jubilee wetland too. So, two year ticks without breaking a sweat. No sign of the Avocet though. A move to the North Pit, and a scan about. The Mediterranean Gull that has been putting in appearances for about the last ten days was back in residence. He was strutting about amongst the Black Headed Gulls, staking his claim to his area of the little island. Another year tick!

Distant. iPhone through Scope


Then, a very nice guy (sorry, didn't catch your name.) called to gain our attention. He had spotted two Avocets, distant and amongst the Black-Headed Gulls on the Jubilee Wetland. What a result, my third year tick of the evening.

Very Distant Phonescoped
Very Distant Phonescoped


I walked back towards the car park with Bart, who i met up with there. He said he had heard a few Blackcap calling on his walk down, and seen a few. We heard them calling on our walk back to the car, I just couldn't see one. We had nice views of a male Kestrel perched in a dead tree, then Bart heard another Blackcap calling. It took a while, but eventually I located it and with it, my fourth year tick of the evening.

A couple of hours birding after work doesn't get much better than this. Another great evening courtesy of RSPB Middleton.


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