Wednesday, 10 April 2013

It's been eventful.

I suppose the top local news is that a Bearded Tit was reported at Dosthill Nature Reserve. An amazing bird for this area. It did its absolute best to avoid being photographed by being constantly on the move and staying deeper in the reeds. Eventually I managed a few snaps. Nothing great, but there is no doubt what it is.

Female Bearded Tit.

And also, a Kittiwake at Shustoke Reservoir.

The past fortnight has also seen me visiting Portland Bill, Dorset.

The Bill

Purple Sandpiper Dorset

Also had a nice couple of days in Anglesy North Wales.

RSPB Anglesey

Back to local birding now. Though Pete and I do intent a visit to Doxey Marsh in Stafford before the end of the week.


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