Saturday, 13 April 2013

March Moors Total by Pete.

Pete and Taz

Species count now at 57. Clearly things have slowed down, but the unexpected weather has had a tremendous impact on the expected influx of birds, and also on my ability to bird watch, so expect to see the count increase as the weather hopefully returns to normal. We actually need to spot

just under five new species each month from now on to ensure we reach our target so Sean will need to get busy between now and the end of the year as I've done my fifty !!

Pete filling the feeders

Chaffinch/ Robin/Wood Pigeon/ Rook /Magpie / Blackbird/Kestrel/ Mute Swan /Great Tit /Blue Tit/ Jay/ Greater Spotted Woodpecker/Redwing/Fieldfare/Sparrowhawk / Reed Bunting/ Goldfinch /Buzzard /Dunnock /Wren/Heron/Green Woodpecker/ Long-Tailed Tit /Goldcrest/ Black-headed Gull /Yellowhammer/Bullfinch/Cormorant/Herring Gull /Lapwing /Carrion Crow/ Moorhen/Canada Goose /Mallard /Song Thrush /Shelduck/ Mistle Thrush/ House Sparrow/ Treecreeper/ Barn Owl /Goosander / Starling/ Skylark/Meadow Pipit/ Willow Tit /Coal Tit/ Pheasant /Jack Snipe/Collared Dove/Marsh Tit/ Kingfisher/ Linnet/Greenfinch/Raven/Brambling/Common Snipe/ Redpoll/

By Pete


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