Sunday, 21 April 2013

Great Local Weekend

It's been an interesting weekends local birding. It just passed by too quickly.

It started on Friday evening where straight from work I rushed down the Moors looking for the five Wheatear Pete had texted me about. It didn't take long to locate three of them. I also had a glorious male Redstart appear in the hedgerow near to where the Wheatears were. Result of what?

Wheatear Amington Moor


Walked around Borrowpit Lake early on Saturday morning and got my first Common Tern of the year. Then spent the rest of Saturday morning wandering around the Moors with Pete. We had a very interesting morning, seeing amongst other things a pair of Raven, Wheatears still in the fields, and my first Whitehroat of the year. Couldn't relocate a Redstart this morning though.

Saturday evening, decided to take Taz a walk around Dosthill lake. My little birding companion was 6 today. So an extra evening walk was a treat for her. Managed to find the Black Necked Grebe's that had been there for a few days. I was surprised they were still there as due to sunshine and warm temperatures the place was busy.

Black Necked Grebe, Dosthill.


After a walk round the lake in the first decent bit of weather this year, I was a bit thirsty. As it was also Taz's birthday, I thought a pint was in order. Taz enjoyed her share of the bounty.

Birthday Girl Celebrating

Sunday morning found me back on the Moors with Jon. Grey Partridge was a Moor tick for the year. Jon also got his first Whitethroat and Wheatear of the year. He also glimpsed a Barn Owl. Not a bad morning at all.

Sunday evening, I decided on a quick walk around Borrowpit Lake again. Glad I did. Picked out an adult Kittiwake, and an Arctic Tern.


What a great weekends local birding. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kittiwake, Borrowpit Lake.


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